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Thank you Shahed!

Thank you for your comment Shahed!
Yes indeed! Originally we were thinking to do promote the information sharing within the neighborhood. However one concern is that if no one does it, other people wouldn't do it either (Aisha does not do it because her friends do not do it.). We hypothesize that we need some external push to move the social norm within the neighborhood from "not vaccination" to "vaccination".
There is evidence that peer can positively influence within the community, but our hope is that if they compare with others from other "better" places, maybe we can encourage them even further?

Thank you again for your comments Estela. Very useful as always.
1. I completely skipped the App design phase -- now added. I also added evaluation.
2. The community meetings should be supported by the national/local government as they are part of the agenda proposed by the government. We should ensure that the government maintain the regular meeting in communities. Evaluation costs added!
3. We plan to use the publicly available vaccination data with GPS coordinates (DHS data). DHS has information on vaccination status for women across the country with the location. The available data is from the last survey in 2013, but the most recent data was collected in 2018 and we are waiting for the data to be publicly available. For the individual data, we will need to link the app with patient portal.
4. Agreed -- we deleted this part.