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Thank you for your inquiry Rafeed.

Yes, we feel it is important to educate the user that MyCUP™ is a biologically sourced, earth-friendly material grown using a mycelium network and spent coffee grounds. Our team understands that some coffee-drinkers, when introduced to MyCUP™’s unique ingredients, may have misgivings and health concerns about drinking from a fungal mycelium mushroom cup. One key to changing user bias/fear is education. Here are a few of our considerations:

Customer Health: 
MyCUP™ is good for your health! It is grown using only FDA approved natural ingredients (edible mushroom mycelium and /spent coffee grounds). Additionally, most hot/cold fiber cups have PET or PLA based-coatings which may be harmful for human consumption. PET coatings contain microplastics which bio-accumulate in human/animal/plant tissues.

Customer Interaction:
First-hand experience is important by allowing customers to test the cup: pick up, feel the smooth outer surface, light-weight, imparts no odor or taste. Customers can enjoy a guilt-free Cup-of-Joe because when they are done they can either toss or compost the empty cup.

Customer Perceptions:
Today there are several companies manufacturing mycelium-based products e.g. building materials and vegan leather. Over the last few years, positive articles and market responses to mycelium-based materials indicate that a growing number of consumers understand the benefits of this novel material!

Earth Friendly - Sustainability
MyCUP™ recycles spent coffee grounds, an abundant and reliable waste stream! Our factory uses “yesterday’s spent grounds to grow today’s cup".
• Low-energy, Low water growing process.
• Biodegradable and compostable bio-material
• Edible mushrooms varieties are FDA approved!
• Three “P’s” – People, Planet, Profit