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Rob commented on Global Request Management System

Hi Uchenna,

> If I understood correctly, this website can help the blind get explanation of the world around them from other users through web camera

Yes, you will be able to communicate with "services" through the web camera, send messages to one another and so on. The theory behind the model is that people both humans and non-humans are part of the same eternal conversation, and having a Turing machine that can scale the requests that people make, allows for people to participate in that conversation, wherever they maybe in the world, or through whichever language they speak.

> Moreover, i will like to learn more about this solution. Nevertheless, how compatible and user friendly is this website with IOS and android speech accessibility Apps?

The early prototype probably won't have speech accessibility at this stage, Uchenna. But because the project is open source, then there is no reason why other developers couldn't fork this project and write the modules to enable those types of accessibility features.




Rob commented on Global Request Management System

Hi @Narayan Adhikari. Yes the system actually connects all 9 billion human beings on earth together, or presumes that all 9 billion human beings are in relationship with one another or serving one another from their Heart(s). So definitely all 4 million migrant workers will be able to use the system and connect with all other 9 billion other workers or services, and participate in a global human conversation regarding everybody’s sociopolitical or economic requests or circumstance.

This image better explains it.

The blue dots are people or services. Right now the world looks like the linear / circular environment, where some dots are blue, and some aren’t. We need the opposite to have happen, where all the dots are blue. The only way to make all the dots blue, is to presume that they are blue or a service to begin with, and programme the bits to enable them maintain their blue state or to serve one another, hence a scalable request.

I’m currently working on a prototype / website:

I’m hoping to have the prototype up and running within a couple of weeks. I hope you don’t mind, I have added you as a team member for this project? I was thinking that you and a subsection of you’re 4 million workers could help test the system?



Rob commented on Global Request Management System

> You mentioned working with people on being on the move, crossing borders, and/or temporarily settled on this in a part of your submission, but could you share more details specifically about your plan of action and how you will made a difference on the ground in New Zealand to meet the needs of these communities on the move or these internally displaced persons?

My plan is to approach the Christchurch Resettlement Services, as a business partner to help promote the website to refugees, here in Christchurch. These people will be able to participate in serving not only people living here in Christchurch, but people from all over the world. Their services that they create in the system, can be felt or received by others in the world. This is why the system is called a global request management system and not a local one, because everybody participates in the requests together.