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I didn't see your first reply.  Thank you Brent.    I tried to convey --and I think you got this point -- that the entire system is symbiotic -- a village or rural farming community commits to use excess waste and residential waste --> a direct result is power for this community building (food storage/processing equipment that every farmer and people in the community can use --> this leads to better management of their crop inventory to sell when prices are high and not have to sell before their crop starts to rot in the fields --> this leads to more community prosperity --> more waste produced by farmers and villages --> and the circular cycle continues. 

Definitely hope we can have smarter agricultural experts see how they can use our Smarter MRF concept to fine-tune what I laid out above.  That would be amazing!


Thanks Brent.   The combustor, itself, is 8 feet by 26 feet and about 12 feet high and is designed to fit on a semi-trailer truck, and it can be shipped in a standard open container for ocean transport.   The ORC power module can also be shipped by truck or boat by container.    

The unit will not have too many moving parts.    Depending on the fuel used, we expect as much as 7000 tons per year can be destroyed - about 800-1200 pounds per hour.   Please take a look at our Product Overview at and you'll also see a schematic that shows how the combustor fits on a truck.   

Last, what's also innovative about our small-scale unit is that we don't need a "chunk of energy" to get it started or to run it after it's started.   About gallons of diesel to get it going and with sustained fuel, it'll be self-fueling, whereas most incinerators require extra fuel due to their design inefficiencies. 

The unit would be designed for mobility, but for efficiency/wear and tear, it would need to be operating for at least a couple of weeks in one location, and preferably for a much longer time span.

Hope this helps clarify.