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One word: Coalinga.

But seriously, Coalinga is along the I-5 and tons of cows, including Harris Ranch, are there. It's unfortunately known by everyday folks for the smell, but I know there are diary farms in the area.


Regina commented on Wasted battery energy and senseless battery pollution.

This could be great for communities that use a lot of electronics with disposable batteries. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and the last two insulin pumps I've worn require disposable (not rechargeable) AAA batteries. As a result, I've been buying the 16 packs or larger for awhile now, so that I have them on hand when I need to switch.


Regina commented on "I worked hard for my energy"

My background is similar in the sense that I was the city kid who got to visit family in a rural area when I was very young. They walked to the well, got water, and took it back to the house. I jumped right in to help, but it was a novelty for me and daily reality for them. Now we're all older and everyone has access to indoor plumbing.

However, I wonder what my cousins would have to say about generating and consuming energy? Also, I wonder if their experiences as youngsters impact how they consume energy now?