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Rizwan commented on Redesigning the Bus Experience through Research

Thanks Sonal,

I have updated the user's perspective in my idea. Please check it out and share your thoughts . Looking forward..


Rizwan commented on Redesigning the Bus Experience through Research

Hi Sonal, great and fantastic idea indeed. I hope to see it implemented. So far my thought would be on

i) what to do when harassed (Suneeta Feed back)- complaint boxes in the bus can be more effective than asking conductor to move to the nearest police station. As in former case, women can put their complaints in the box during commuting and on the last stop, conductors handovers to the BEST chowky, from there, they can be delivered to the relevant authorities ( bus, police etc) by keeping record of "number of complaints to see the level of awareness and service and " types of complaints" for further course of action. In the latter case, what i observe that drivers avoid going to police station during travel because it causes disturbance to the other passenger, among which some are in hurry to reach their destination, and also it takes extra time which they avoid as they want to reach on time to avail next turn of route. Linked to this is then designing of the self illustrative (with images) complaints sheet for illiterate passengers, something like booklet you mentioned.
ii) Messages on TV screens(Experience Map)- i hope it must be related to the BEST's initiative, as it will serve the purpose of awareness among women and a warning to the men (with abusive approach) towards women.
iii) Booklet- Is it some type of handout given to every passenger? I think board placed on the bus shelter carrying all these details and running messages on TV screens might also be of great help and economical.
iv) boarding from front door for pregnant women- why not always front door for women only and rear door for men only. It might avoid the disturbance caused, when bus tends to halt ahead and men cluster the door making it hard for women to board.
Your experience maps are really helpful in designing mine by engaging potential users. Hope to upload later in this week.

Thanks Lusia & Meena for the appreciation.

Lusia: i have conducted a number of interviews and interaction sessions with female staff and women & male clients of local NGOs ( who are regular commuters of public transport in that area), during my official visits. I have included this in "implementation outline" uploading today. I have thought over coordination/partnering with "Tabeer" and discuss with a few of my collegues but what we all come up was, it is a bit early. The reason being, "Tabeer" is running on pure commercial basis. They might be interested if presented/offered concrete developed documnetries/program visuals, which is still raw stage. And what value it would add to their revenue generation? and cost allocation. And above all, "Tabeer" will be reluctant at this stage to partner with an individual with idea in development phase ( Reputational Risk). But definitely, we are seeing this a big partnership opportunity in near future.

Lusia & Meena: connecting, engaging and brainstorming on this "Experience Map". Hope to come up with something great soon;).