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Riddhi commented on How might we establish better recycling habits at home?

Recycling for us began with getting educated as a family. With young kids at home, it can be challenging at times to ensure that the right things get put in the recycle bin. So what we did was talked about the impact that recycling can have on environment generally. For each of the kids, we knew what they really cared about and then associated importance of recycling to that one thing that they are passionate about and it worked. Basically from this example, I believe that the basics have to start at home and adults have to be the ones to follow. Also educate the members of the family by relating the impact to the subject or things that they are passionate about and it really helps drive the point. Creating a recycling corner - where everyone puts their materials - also helps. not everyone is willing to make an effort to work to the bin which maybe outside the home but they are definitely willing to walk it to a dedicated space within the home from where its collected and taken out to the appropriate bins.