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When I read the challenge brief, the first question that comes to my mind is, "how do we incentivize bodega and ghetto liquor store owners to replace their alcohol inventories with organic fruits and vegetables?"


Rico commented on The Full Story: Booklet + Audio Phone Service

I think this might be one of the most cost effective concepts by addressing the lack of health care information problem. To really cut costs, I would see if OXFAM and Nokia, (perhaps also include Intel and Brightstar) could pre-load the cellphones with 9 chapters (9 months) of instructional advice in audio podcasts form as oppose to asking the pregnant women to use her credits to dial a number where she accesses the content. This might be even cheaper since the mother would not have to waist money dialing the phone number and should she run out of money, she could still access the health information content since it is stored on the phone itself. As the price of memories decreases, we may consider pre-installing as much health and financial education content already on the phone prior to transport to the point of sale. The challenge would be ensuring the audio content is pre-installed with the local language of the end-user.