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Thank you for your response. I think that your Floor Plan works well, though, these would be some of my suggestions as an Interior Designer to improve on your lay- out and functionality. I would remove the side tables besides the sofa and replace them for a single coffee table in front of the sofa instead. This way, if structurally possible, you can move the dividing center wall (and the sofa) down towards the exterior facade of the patio. This will create some more space in your storage / dining / kitchen area, and thus open up the space in that corner some more. It seems to me that, right now, your living room has a lot of space and that the other areas are very narrow and hard to maneuver through. Especially since these areas are going to be utilized for tasks and functionality a lot, it would be nice to see some more space there. The stove seems to have a dual cook- top, for me it would't be a problem to cook with only two pans, though most of the people prefer to have four cook- tops. It might be nice to integrate that as well. I can't read from your plan if your bathroom contains a toilet or not, but it might be nice to integrate one as well, just in case. I really like where you are heading with this amazing modular unit. It's something I've never seen before and am really excited about to see the final results realized. Great job!

I love this idea and in specific the mobility of the units, next to the sustainable factor of course. Though, the units seems fairly small ergonomically speaking. Is there any data / research where you have based the minimum size of these units on? I'm thinking what the perfect size for such a unit would be to maximize its function in relation to the utilization of its living space, from an Interior Design viewpoint.