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So much that several of our communities suffer from stress which assign in a disproportionate way the young people in particular the young girls such as: unemployment, violence, the abuse alcohol / drug, the insufficiency of instruction and the absence of social cohesion; the girl without employment is being the first victim which does not have any more another exit but to remain in the handling imposed to him by its own community because its considered as invalid. Whereas this girl with full initiative if occasions are offered to him constitutes an engine immovible development of her community. Being given that the cities thrive in the future i.e. building his resilience, we must satisfy the young people today without forgetting that a privilege place will have to be reserved to this girl who has enormous potentialities but it always takes the last place in the initiatives of development as well as urban or rural. Resilience will take its globality only if the girl is integrated, whereas it can be it only if it is sufficiently educated.
Our idea is connected to the broader system of the city because it aims at a framing of the girl who needs a strong integration to open with existing opportunities of which it cannot until now have access. A sufficient instruction (education) will make it able to take part in authorities of catch of decision where it will be able to contribute its share for the building of resilience of the city of Bukavu

The repetition Wars and arm conflicts perpetrated during one decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo are at the base of more than 5 million deaths. The consequences of this war affected several aspects of life in the South-Kivu province: notably killings sexual violence perpetrated against young girl and women used as arm of war, the destruction of the social tissue, the looting in the communities, destruction of sanitary structures as well as the schools for the education of children, devastation of fields and many others.
Facing this situation in spite of several efforts collected at the international national and local level in order to attempt to appease these population victims. The situation remains always critical in these community where we notice a very weak involvement of the state in the research of solutions in favor of this victimes. Owing to the experience of this situation and true on the ground of it an organization without lucrative aim has just been born named Action for the Development in our Medium ADM non-profit organization. It is a local association based in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in South-Kivu province, City of Bukavu. It’s created by young man by the initiative of Richard Bachunguye and Alain Katanga in the end of 2010 with the objective of giving hope to these victims in goal to support the traumatized community to rebuild their resilience by supporting their actions of fight against the consequences of the wars (Poverty sexual Violence and Gender Based Violence, psychosocial trauma and fight against STI/HIV) through some activity who could give them hope to a better future. I’m the Coordinator of this association and we work together with a traumatized young girl and women to develop some project in rural and urban community to fight against poverty and rebuild hope to them. Kadutu is a slum located in the city of Bukavu inhabited by poor families whose girls who do the majority of youth are not considered in their community there is why we are choosing Kadutu. This Center could deserve others beltway slum but Kadutu is the direct beneficiary.

Women must take a best/strong place in our society because she is our mother. no life without women no urban city resilience without women participation in all action.