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This article from Fast Company (link below) doesn't add a lot to our idea...though it certainly corroborates that others are thinking along the same lines as "From MOOCs to Mentorship."

One interesting takeaway was their mention of College for America (, "an online branch of Southern New Hampshire University, was the first program to receive permission from the federal government to give degrees based on "actual learning versus seat time." Students advance not by ticking off classes but by proving they’ve mastered specific skill sets, or "competencies."

"They’re not just learning math in the abstract, they’re learning how to use charts or graphs to convey information, or how to negotiate with others to resolve a conflict"... 

The FastCo article link:

Stoked to see MOOCs To Mentorship progressing!

Yesterday, KPBS aired this program segment (15 minute duration, linked below) and I think it could provide some food for thought as we more closely consider the mentorship component(s) of our concept.

It’s about strategies / methodologies that help foster higher ed success, targeted at “men of color.” Obviously, not exactly equivalent to first generation college students, but — as they mention in the story — their strategies / methodologies aren’t *only* applicable to men of color, they believe that they’re beneficial to all students.

Also, as the educators in the story are local to San Diego, perhaps they might be able to provide participation or insight in prototyping / testing we do.