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This is the last Edition on The Food system Vision prize open Submission by Faith Restoration Prophetic Bible mission_Demonstration Farm branch of The ministry to produce Nutritional cow pea(fio fio or Agbugbu) to feed world population by by 2050.We chose Agu Ukwu Nkwere Oji river LGA and Okporodoro land UmuochieFamily Ezeagu LGA all in Enugu state Nigeria because of the fertility of the soil and enormity of the land. These places are inhabited by culturally well behaved indigenous Igbo people who speak Igbo language and co_inhabited with other ethnic groups and foreign diplomats. We chose cow pea because its available in our local diets as a cheap source of protein.The food is widely consumed in that the tropical environment such as we have here supported the crops because they survive and produce in commercial quantity based on the nature of soil,the weather here is friendly with moderate rain and Sunshine. The annual New yam festival of people also encouraged the production because cow pea is eaten with yams and Dry cocoa yam(Achicha),It could be eaten alone or mixed with plantain. The food is economically viable and also affordable. Linked with local or indigenous technology the food production is regenerative .It had survived through the ages to the present days in Igboland and will continue. Especially now that government encourage youth participation in agriculture through youth empowerment agricultural policy and policy of back to land through credit policy sourced from Nigeria Bank of Agriculture. Food production is mainly the means of livelihood of the people here and provides job for those who would chose agriculture as the profession God gave to man from the beginning of creation in the garden. Food production sometimes faces the problem of soil Erosion ,climate change, lack of farm support or intervention by government and most recently the problem of farm crisis between farmers and herdsmen. In recent time government provides Ecology funds to check soil erosion, provided farm supports to farmers in terms of seedlings, enlightenment campaign and extension services and credit facilities. If not for myopic leadership the problem of farmers and herdsmen crisis should not be because there is no where open grazing is practised now in the world except Nigeria. However, as a professional farmer and a clergy my Vision would address the problem holistically by putting agriculture and food value chain in the proper perspective. Creating the enabling environment for food production to evolve to put diet on the tables of mankind through 2050..And sincerely commend and appreciate Rockefeller foundation for taking a lead in this global campaign. At time extending appeal to other investment organizations to join hands in fellowship to advance this course of humanity (food production for world population by 2050) and make the planet Earth better place for living. Submitted by Apostle Christian peter c.Okongwu.

The culture of the people especially the Igbo's celebrate New festival every year . In this festival Igbo's eat the yam with cow pea seeds, it could be eaten alone just like beans or mixed with other food like plantain or coocoa yam and cassava peels. The diets of the people and their culture support the choice of the food.. Connected within the environment where the people live Tropical region need resistance crop like cow pea because the soil there give the best to the production of the crop.The production is therefore economically viable because that is what they eat and cultivate.The technology of production is available and cheap. Besides, the labour is available and cheap. Mostly hoes are used to cultivate the soil because the soil is soft.The environment is silen,peaceful, with moderate rainfall and sunshine which help the crop to survive and yield abundantly. The crop cannot be planted in any soil,it has places to survive and yield abundantly this is the reason for choosing the places. And government policy now in Nigeria encourages grain production as explained in established grainboards and Silos through out the country. Tax is cheap to produce grains .The Economic policy of the government called back to land will encourage the production the youths Economic and Financial scheme Luke Npower make this vision evolving now and even to 2050.. This ts a fact..

This is my contributions to food system value prize. A regenerative and duplicating food production vision in west African Coast called Nigeria. As a practising farmer I have chosen to use cow pea seeds or pigeon pea seeds feed the world population to 2050 by exploring full potential of the food.The crops have survived through the ages in our culture. We called it Fio_Fio or Agbugbu in our local dialect. It's a cheap source of protein and a delicacy in Igboland.It can be consumed with yam,dry cocoa yam called Achicha in our language. As you eat the food you drink water showing that it is digesting in your body. The crops survive in the Tropical region. We need the collaboration of host community farmers, Agricultural research institutes and farmers co_operatives to harnesses and develope the full value chain of the crops Youths are looking for non available White and blue collar jobs instead of looking inwards into Farming entrepreneurship skills and become hirers of labour because great wealth which could be created this this vision. Government support programs in Agriculture is very crucial to encourage youths take up farming as a noble profession. I don't mean political farmers but genuine farmers get access to finance and sustain world population through food production now and in the future. We have rich fertile land in Oji River LGA,Nigeria, Okporodoro Umuochie in Ezeagu LGA, Nigeria where this crop could be produced in commercial quantity for export and the foreign exchange revenue. To this end investment organization should emulate the giant step taken by Rockefeller Foundation America to preserve humanity through sponsor of food production in countries across the globe This is a rare philanthropic gesture and return my sincere appreciation to the organization.. If others emulate them the common man in the world lives to see happy days on earth .