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Great thoughts everyone! I very much agree with the need to teach our children Food in the classroom. Additionally, this educational concept needs to be at the core of Parent Teacher Associations as well. It can be a struggle to get parents involved with their children's education, but as we all know - it dramatically improves results.

I also agree with the need to target super markets. Jamie mentioned in his TED lecture, the use of Super Market Food Ambassadors. Great point. Could we create certain hours where this "Ambassador" targets children? Like just after school, for example. Have the Ambasador in costume (i.e. Super Hero, Animal Costume, etc) and help children learn about healthy shopping with their parents.

Community and school gardens - people have mentioned this, and it is wonderful. We need to show cities and towns hard evidence of the cost benefits to such a set up. My brother has been trying to set up a community garden our neighborhood, and has been running into literally thousands of dollars in roadblocks the town continues to throw at him. Due to the enormous costs involved (which in our minds is TOTALLY unnecessary) by the towns standards, the project has come to a halt.

Lastly, though a small thought - is to encourage fresh and healthy snacks at children's functions and events. Bringing fresh fruit slices back as the "norm." I have been working with Firefighters to encourage healthy eating - as the #1 killer of this population is cardiac related (dramatically influenced by diet and exercise). We are working towards a plan to lead by example. Instead of sugary snacks and hot dogs (generally served at the Fire Department "Open Houses") we can use this as a learning opportunity. Serve healthier snacks and talk about eating right, and cooking at the firehouse (a long time tradition). And what kid doesn't like a firetruck? :)

Keep the thoughts comming... we can do this!