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This promising idea appears to have great potential for a pilot test. I look forward to hearing more about 8N8. However, it seems that there are a lot of unanswered questions about whether this solution actually works not just against Ebola but other pathogens. The science is at such an early and experimental stage and the conclusions the papers referenced here draw, appear to be hypothetical rather than conclusive.

What are the next steps that would be required to:
a. prove that this solution would be effective against Ebola and
b. understand the costs of such a suit?


Rebecca commented on Don't touch your face!

I agree with Raul. For health workers: if the face is covered with a full protection mask, there is no risk of touching the face with gloved hands. For civilians: the main risk to address is contaminated hands.

This seems to be a good idea - the ear canal probe which causes an alarm to sound when the health worker overheats - seems to be a workable solution. Health workers who are intensely focussed on tasks often neglect their personal safety and comfort, so this might be a good alert to check their hydration levels, PPE equipment and take a break. How do you envisage that this idea would lead to impact on the Ebola epidemic?