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Awesome idea, Sarah and Luke! I think many of the comments so far have definitely demonstrated the incredible global opportunity for your PEF system, but as you alluded to, it may make the most sense to focus on the nearby California market today. You'll have much better access to communicate with the farmers directly, get feedback throughout the development process, and more easily work hands-on with them to understand their specific needs so you can develop the system that addresses their exact pain points. Once you've demonstrated proof of concept with these folks and have a track record of success, then it then may make more sense to expand geographically long-term. Have you thought about catering the system to small vs. large producers? They're likely going to have very different features/requirements, so again, it may be worthwhile to hone in on one niche early on so that you don't get stretched too thin at the outset trying to make a system that meets everyone's requirements. Also, do you have any thoughts on what it may cost to produce / install / maintain at this point? Have you looked into quantifying the specific energy savings that could generated by the dairy producers? Even beyond energy savings / reduced sickness among calves, does your system mitigate any other safety/tech risks for the farmers? Getting that info could really help out with pricing / sales down the line--especially in terms of painting a picture for farmers why the system is so critical. Lastly (finally), have you investigated reaching out to regional or national dairy farmer associations? With their support /stamp of approval, it may be far easier to get farmers to jump on board for pilots / interviews.

All that being said, amazing job so far! I'm rooting for you to make this a big success!