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Hey Lara! With our experience in rural part of Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and other states, we have observed that their are 2-3 public sources of water like pond, lake etc. in each village. People not only go out to defecate in open in morning but also take bath and wash clothes with soap in pond thereby polluting the water source and later, using water from same sources for drinking and cooking. We realized that constructing only toilets is not going to help community in longer run. And then came the idea of toilet with bathroom for providing the community a customized solution!
As suggested by Shivanshu Sharma , we are investing a lot of our energy in finding cheaper technical solutions to build these quality toilets. As community is involved in all steps of the process, they are highly alert about the quality of the toilet. We are building capacity of community to manufacture the materials to ensure production of quality material at low cost. This also reduces our cost of transportation and helps in generating livelihoods. However, we are a very young organization and funding definitely is a challenge. Hence, we are approaching government, CSRs, donor organization and any interested agency/ individual to diversify and strengthen our financial framework for scaling up our initiative.

Hi Ron, thanks for your query! In any rural area, most of the households have at least one child in the age range of 5 years to 16 years. WASH in Schools is an upcoming area and the Ministry of Human Resource Development has also started focusing on strengthening WASH in schools through new interventions which began with government mandating gender segregated toilets in all schools. Our organization will be trying to deal with unsanitary habits through two channels, the SHG network and through schools, thus focusing on two critical sections of the society, women and children. Our team already has an exposure of working on WASH in Schools and currently we are in the phase of finalizing our strategy and activities for WASH in Schools. The activities are a mix of school based and community based approaches;based on the local situation and availability of resources different activities will be implemented in different schools. Also, we are looking for partners who can provide us funds so that we can install facilities like innovative toilets and urinals which would consume less water, incinerators etc. in schools. 
Also, your ideas with missionaries is well taken, especially since there are missionary schools in many rural and tribal areas. Appreciate your interest and suggestions for our initiative!