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Hi Isaac Jumba I found another great technology that I am going to test during the final semester of the pilot. Here is the link, It supports student learning through spaced repetition, which is supported by science and prompts students with flashcards at the times that are best for their learning. My students in the pilot have been asking me if there are flashcards they can use to study the material in VIISTA. I found the perfect product to use to build the flashcards - not only are they flashcards but they are supported by science and technology!
I am working with the author of one of the textbooks that we used in VIISTA to develop flashcards for his book - each week students will be given ten cards with concepts they learned that week and based on how well they know the material, the cards will be kept in the deck of flashcards until the student has mastered the concept. I am very excited about this technology since it responds directly to feedback I heard from students/users about their needs.

Hi Isaac Jumba I am delighted that the submission is clear. The Improve Phase was very useful to me. I benefited tremendously from all the feedback, meetings and activities I undertook during the last few weeks.

Yes, we do have a current group of learners taking the program now. The students are part of our pilot. They are pictured in some of the material that I posted in the Challenge and their feedback is also uploaded and reflected in some of my answers and descriptions. I am using their feedback to iterate and improve the curriculum on a regular basis. I am thrilled to have them in the pilot and we are learning a lot from each other.

As to Slate, it looks like the program has many of the technological functions that I am looking to have in a program. I created an account and started to play around with it. I also watched some videos and have done some research on it. One of the students in the pilot uses Slate in her job and recommends it as a good solution to our current technology and communications issues. Based on what I learned, I approached my educational technology colleagues on my university campus to figure out whether Slate is a tool that we can use and assign to our students. It has to be cleared by our educational technology team before I can start to use it officially in my course. Once it is cleared, I will begin to use it and collect feedback from the students in the pilot.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

My best,

Thank you for reaching out to me, Sarah Story 

Our ideas have a lot in common and I suspect that there are ways we can collaborate to extend the reach of our resources. I sent you an email with a few proposed times to connect. If those times do not work for you, let me know and we can keep trying to find a time for our conversation, which I hope to lead into a fruitful collaboration for both of us.