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Phil commented on Encryption for Dummies

It could be a great little comic. I think you may need to add a step or two though:

Before the message (puzzle) is sent, the sender needs to send their public key across so that the receiver knows it's them and can send them their own public key to help encrypt it.

To follow your metaphor we could use special shaped scissors as public keys. The card writer sends their personal scissors across with a message saying they want to make them a puzzle. The receiver sends their own special scissors back by return. Then the sender creates the puzzle in the special pattern needed by the receiver, who can decode it using their own private manual.

Importantly, the private keys (puzzle manuals) are never sent across so can't be intercepted.


Phil commented on Secret battles for control

"there's so much going on i can't immediately determine where my focal point should be"
I totally agree. The style would work better on a simpler scene.

The Monty Python (Gilliam) style does work, but might need to be redrawn to avoid copyright issues, though it may fall under "fair use: parody"


Phil commented on Secret battles for control

Mmm, yes I'm also uncomfortable with the way the first message still evokes "BE AFRAID", although I guess a fear of global cyber conflict is fairly natural. //

Maybe it could still be a useful direction if they ghostly figures were given more personality. I'd like to try to explain what it's like on the aggressor's side of the conflict: Perhaps if the city was made more abstract and the characters fleshed out with a more realistic team dynamic. //

I know enough about troll farms to portray that, but honestly I don't really know what a foreign cyber-extortion or industrial-espionage team looks like on the ground. Could anyone post links to articles or debriefings so we can work out how to draw them? //

There's one aspect of the image I genuinely like, and that's the idea of a childlike figure holding a plane or playing with infrastructure as if it's a game in their bedroom. Maybe that won't sit well within the attacker's environment though - I may be introducing too many moves to fit into a static image. //

I'm glad you liked the second image. I'll be honest - it was a very quick photomontage sketch. I'd love to work into that idea to make it clearer still. Any particular styles you'd recommend using?