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I feel one of the keys is agreeing to some standards for recycling. If I am at home I can recycle some things, if I am at my parents home I can't recycle some but can others, at my in laws again a different set of rules.

With standardisation the first step of acceptance and knowledge will com. This would also allow for the packaging and products to be marked with symbols to show what can be recycled and how.

A campaign to increase understanding would also help. Knowing what products can be made from recycled materials will surprise people, so is a good way to get people to increase their recycling.

Also being able to say if x Tonnes of this material a year were recycled, we could make x of this product which would mean that we hadn't used x amount of these raw materials


Peter commented on Using Packaging for Education and Play

I think that this is a great idea, and using the three identified products to get the range established, you have endless opportunities to take forward into different areas.

One thing you could look at is using a peel off 'wrap' on the packaging that has simple health and education messages on it. This would then give an added use and benefit to the product as could give messages to the parents.

It has been proved in several trials that if you work with a smaller group of people and give them messages and educate them they spread the messages within their communities. This would mean reaching a wider audience and spreading messages to people who are unable to access the products themselves