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Pablo commented on The early development of the social-policy interface

Nicole, thanks for the reference, I will try to get hold of it. And thanks for thinking I´m a writer, I take it as a compliment. I´m still a researcher, on my way to write something useful. Though all that I've post here is original, is based on academic, already published knowledge (some of my own, of course:


Pablo commented on How can we share social innovation best practices?

This is really a good one. Like you and Vincent, I've been thinking about this, but specifically for the field of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. If you browse for this type of information in the web you can only find loose directories of tech vendors/providers and private databases hosted by large corporations that charge you a monstruous fee for information bits (on where to invest or which companies to look at). Some reports from these companies may cost 1-2K $, hence are extensively exclusive. You can also find nice apps for mobile phones that help you to be more energy-efficient but their algorithms are black-boxed and I doubt that they are adaptive.

I would add to all the fantastic comments that you've got for now, that to tackle properly the issue, future entrepreneurs, initiatives or anyone wanting to aggregate knowledge about social-environmental innovative tech and practices must:

- Do it open, so experts and practitioners all over the world can collaborate and share their expertise and experiences with the use of such tech and practices, so tech developers can learn from them
- Do it free, therefore eliminating any barrier to knowledge for entrepreneurs wanting to launch any initiative
- Do it adaptive, allowing the 'knowledge aggregator' to learn from user experience and update in a flexible way
- Do it in community, in order to create the collaboration incentives needed to share knowledge and experience among practitioners

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