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Peter commented on Time poor+creativity=nutritionally wealthy

Hey Annie,

Really interesting take on the topic here. One thing really struck me here:

Microwaves! I think we've been generous with our assumptions around the cooking instruments that are available to this market. Should we focus specifically on one simple common denominator of cooking device, like a microwave or stovetop, that we know most of the population has? We take for granted that people have KitchenAid mixers, Magic Bullets, or whatever trendy kitchen accessory is in vogue. I think we need to consider the tools available to the consumers as well as the ingredients and the recipe information (or maybe, you can find a way to combine them here?)


Peter commented on A multi-faceted approach is necessary

While I agree that poverty is a crippling problem in many communities, I think major strides can be made within the scope of diet-only. I think it's a great misconception that healthy food costs more, thanks to the Whole Foods of the world, and the premiums that grocery companies charge for "organic" and "GMO-free" certifications.

Perhaps the problem is incentives: if producers can charge so much extra for the products in middle-class grocery stores, why bother sell at lower prices in low-income communities? We could circumvent this problem a number of ways: through community gardens, subsidized purchases (e.g. food stamps are worth double for certain categories), or even by looking at inefficiencies in the supply chain. An example of the last: our local Panera gives the unsold bread of the day to the local youth soccer teams. What if the same could be done at scale with healthy foods at large grocery stores?


Peter commented on Location, Location, Location

100% there with you Gavin. Why not bring the food to the consumer?