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Peggy commented on Longevity through nutrition

Building on the whole concept of immersion and exposure...

The slow food movement has been growing through a lot of grassroots projects in communities; partnering with local farmers, schools,and other interested groups. Their school programs often get kids involved from planting the seeds and tending gardens all the way to food preparation in their schools. And I wonder if there is something here to build on for your idea Ken?

For instance, I wonder what might happen if the elderly were also involved in such projects, to partner with the children, providing education for and from all. And then encouraging the participants to "bring it back home" (what they learned, and starting movements there) to their retirement and other communities and keep the movement growing.

Here's a link to some of the projects happening in schools right now through the slow food movements in the US (and there are many more happening worldwide)


Peggy commented on Longevity through nutrition

I agree completely with your emphasis on nutrition as a key to our long term health and wellness Ken. And I love the video and the obvious aha's people were getting at the event.

My parents are in their 80s and currently living in a senior living community and I am very disappointed in the menu there. Loads of high fat low nutrition foods, many of which are completely wrong for any of us, let alone people w high blood pressure, diabetes, and fragile health and this at a premium priced community. I would echo the question the guy in the video offers... Why are our mds not trained in nutrition.

So I would propose that there are two leverage points here. As you suggest Ken, we need to help the consumers get it. I would add however that finding ways to get institutions like medical schools, hospitals (like Mayo!) and our schools to understand and use real science based nutrition as a tool for wellness would go a long way toward changing the current misinformation and lack of understanding.