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Stephane Dupas. @Agromakers: open food solutions for small scale agriculture ecological transition. Interested in contribute to this necessary proyect for agricultural producers interested intransitional process to obtain certification in ecological production and transformation products, getting knowledge, enough fullfill the fundamental normative. Colombian Ministry of Agriculture has develop the 0187/2006 Resolution that comprehend the fundamental rules to acomplish the Ecological food produccton and traceability process, inwhich i am expert for been involved in since 2006, year when i started to get knowledge in Ecological Coffee Crop and other fruits, stablished under the shade of native trees and organic fertilization method, in order to produce the better quality product, adquire the recognition necessary to obtain an international certification, that i finally obtain thru Colombian Coffee federation, but without licence to create our own brand and use the seal in the package, just have the rights to sell the green coffee to international buyers with and impossed price and conditions. This issue made us to commercialize our coffe in a trust market with clients who know our process and was willing to buy. Peasants and colombian growers always are facing the low prices impossed for the market without recognition of the work and knowledge involved in the final product represented in an income to get a better life conditions for the families ussually involved in production. There is a lack of conditions for the growers toget the proper conditions to comercializa and get the right price with agregate value in a fair trade market. Perssonally i always likedto be in interdisciplinary creation and developing methods, ideas and proyectsbecause this guarantee always better results for the collective ideas and supports. I own a three hectaries farm wich i s my desire to offer to the proyect as a place where the producers involved can visit and have workshops to learn our demonstrable experience in produce ourown fertilizers compost and bio solutios to apply to plants and soil.
I am also expert i sustainable development normative normative and goals for agrotourism certification, because in my farm i have three bio climatic arquitecture cabins to host our ghests and visitors, giving them aguided tour in to the crop. Our farm aims in environmental protecction thru the water natural fountains like Paramus, high mountain andean forests, mist forests, preservation of natural plants and flowers, silvester fauna, constructing an inventory of commonly birds seen in the region, with a potential of 250 species, all of these to teach the scholars in a environmental education program we give to them and the community in town, with ecological journals of cleaning natural touristic areas from abandoned residues left by the visitors of this fragile ecosistems. In cooperative labor among ECOLOMBIA Ecological Association we carry the native forest species germination program and ecological restoration voluntary with the scholars and community, during the year round, conmemorating the most representative environment days, like the world earth day, the water day, forest day, marine ecosistems day, trees day etc, celebrating at least one journal by month. To Reduce the footprint and negative impacts to the ecosistems and Planet in general, the climate strike, preserve the natural Water fountains and sprouts purity, requires and intensive colective and permanent work, with programs and proyects, to plant in each one of our citzens the necessary conciousness to restore and clean the planet to transmit the responsability behavior we need in the humans to preserve the natural fortress of our planet. We have to recognize stephane the marvelous idea to create and call the cooperation, with work, ideas, and strong effort in others, to give this proyect a succesfull tools for the future soil workers will benefit this movement. This proyect also will preserve the ancestral andean seeds, cultural traditions and knowledge of our aborigen cultures which new perfectly how to live in harmony without poluting the planet. "Worthless them who adquire the sapience and knowledge and doesn't put it in practice and share to others".