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Done. I edited your statement to fit the character limits for describing 'Team Members'. Thanks for that. More later as things develop. Enjoy your day... - PWE

Nicolette - So very nice ro meet you and thanks for your warm words of support. Would you like to join our team? It will not present you with any further obligations than being a member of the OpenIDEO, which you already are. It will benefit me and the rest of our team to have you stand with us and be recognized. Please advise of your interest, or not. I will be learning much more about what's to come for HDCR over the next few weeks and will keep you informed as requested. Yes, it is powerful work and clearly there is a tide of energy, support and interest building around the globe. Enjoy your day... - Paul


Paul commented on Death-Ed: because abstinence is not an option


From one ramble to another...

The experience of death is all around all of us everyday.

There may be statistics related to your query - my take is that getting caught up in statistics will just get you and others 'caught up'.

Death Ed curriculum materials need to be developed for all age levels of 'kids' - from Pre-Schoolers to College Grads.

And, death positive outlooks on life and living and dying need to be encouraged throughout our culture and throughout all of our varied social strata and communities.

That way, when the 50-year old loses his Mother - he will be just as prepared as the 4-year old Grand-daughter of that same 50-year olds' Mom. Make sense?

It is a cultural and very broad-based attitudinal shift that we're all a part of making happen.

At this point in time, there are various sized pieces of the puzzle being brought into focus by many, many different people and groups.

Within the OpenIDEO right now there are 10 'puzzle piece makers' who've just been recognized, applauded and encouraged for their ideas and projects (out of over 300 different stories/ideas that were originally birthed within this community).

No doubt it's a big shift in consciousness/awareness - and we're a big, multi-talented, inspired, very powerful group of humans who've had enough of some kinds of things and not enough of others.

In brief, more love less fear.

Them's my two cents on the topic for this morning.

Enjoy your day...