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Paul & Anita commented on Building strength through collective collaboration.

Hi Harvey

I like your post and your idea. It's kinda localized. Once you create a pilot project, the idea is to clone the idea to other parts of the world. I'm a South African living in Indonesia. We have seen many people being exploited due to the exact same reasons as you mentioned. We want to use the essence of the "global village" so that everyone else can benefit from your idea, build on it, and make the world a ore dignified place to live, especially for our precious daughters and mothers.

You can check out our idea as well.

Paul & Anita du Plessis


Paul & Anita commented on Rescuing under-aged Indonesian girls from Prostitution

Hi Rehmah

Thank you for your input. We would love to collaborate with you and your team. We have yet a long way to go to get where you are in establishing what we want to do here in Indonesia. The country is so vast and spread out over more than 18,000 islands. Unfortunately its always the very remote villages that are the most at risk.

Anyway, thanks very much for the tip on the Employment Agencies. Yes, we are aware that there are a lot of them that are ligit and that would want the best for the recruits. So we will target those as well.

Thanks again, we look forward to working hand-in-hand with you.

Paul & Anita

Hi Rehmah

A truly inspiring effort. To be of more worth to us who do understand the typical situation in Kampala and its slum areas, we need to read about some typical scenarios that plays itself out. I'm sure you followed Meena's advice on this as well.

Not much time left, so keep it up.

Paul & Anita