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Patrizia commented on What is appropriate encryption?

Hi John,
Thank you again for your comment on my work! I just now got the chance to have a look at your work! Well done. :) Would love to see your next illustrations as well.
Right now the person sitting behind the screen is completely hidden behind the computer for the audience. I would find it even more scary if you could somehow visualize some embarrassing details about him/her (in a second picture?) as a consequence that all those different persons in the back were able to see some details (about him/what he is doing) on his screen. Maybe it is also possible to visualize the illusory security in which he/she probably thinks he/she finds himself/herself.


Patrizia commented on Once Upon a Time: A CISO Tale

Thank you very much for your comment and feedback, John! Love your idea, I will definitely consider it for further steps! Just thought about giving them names. That would probably make it easier to identify with them as well. :) And... maybe it's also worth thinking about making them speak for things which are important to remember (maybe also rhymes). Happy to look at your work as well! :) Thank you! It's great to get inspired by this feedback round! :)


Patrizia commented on Once Upon a Time: A CISO Tale

Thank you Jean, I do have a couple ideas on how to progress. I am not sure yet if I want it to be in a movie style or not. Because my wish was always to publish a book which looks like a very simple children book with traditional sketches. However, I will probably edit the image to make the whole thing better reproducible and the colours brighter / in some cases darker for the screen. Although I have a plan on how the story will continue I am surprising myself once in a while by adding / changing things while working on it! :)