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I think this is an essential part of the way to do it: Most electronics equipment is (circuit boards, plastic covers) is anyways made from oil.
Basically this technology should be combined with a suitable business model that rewards people to contribute to this system.

For example, think of bringing some e-waste to the gas station next time you need more fuel. Bringing the e-waste to gas stations is not a problem because you can normally easily transport the stuff in your car. And: gas stations are everywhere. So the idea is that you can get rid of your e-waste at gas stations which form the contact point for consumers. Depending on how much electronics they bring, they get a discount on their bill. This could be either by wheight of the e-waste (per kilo) or else. Combine this with some kind of "Payback-Card" reward system and people become aware how good they are at reducing e-waste. The collected e-waste can then be used to make oil out of it which is either to be sold at gas stations or the material for new electronic or plastic goods.