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Pamela commented on Pastoralists Also Need Peace

This idea is a model of excellence emerging through needs-led initiatives, deeply embedded in the community. I have known John, and various people in his team, and the work of Fantsuam Foundation since 2002, through visits to Fantsuam Foundation and through working together at a distance. For many years we have met online once a week for a "typed chat" meeting.

I remember the day when John told us he had been called to help after a massacre. It was related to pastoralist-farmer conflict. I remember his comment wondering what he could do except help to bury the dead.

John never just wonders. He always responds in practical ways, despite lack of resources. The practical work he has done since on conflict resolution, peace-keeping and grazing rights is part of his exploration of what can be done. That is what he is modestly describing as "a pilot"

Congratulations John on managing to upload your idea and photos, given the connectivity problems and fuel problems you are currently dealing with. Your ideas and projects are always firmly rooted in reality and local needs, and the results you manage to squeeze out of limited resources never fail to amaze me. Let's hope this one takes hold.