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Paul commented on Promote vaccination by preventing pain

Ha, Here I am.


Paul commented on Promote vaccination by preventing pain

Hello Amy, that is no problem, good to see your questions and I will answer part for now but we will also have questions. Our Technical Director and Co-Founder Michael has experience of Thermoelectric Generators, the waste heat from the Solar Polar unit can drive an attachable thermo generator, our question here is how much power would be needed for the size of a peltier device suitable for your requirement? As far as directly cooling an ingot this is most possible, what we will need to know is the mass of the ingot, the metal and the usage requirements. By all means, email me directly so we can share pictures and documents.

Dear Manisha and Isaac.
I hope this helps explain more.
There have been trials running for over a year now in India with a Joint Venture partner Mamata who will be manufacturing the system especially for the Indian market but will also supply others countries too. The year was important to attain all seasons results and data. The trial was run in a specific way so it could be constantly monitored close to the manufacturer. It is shown in some of the pictures in our submission.
We know very well what the problem is as extensive research showed the small farmer can not chill the milk and as such half is thrown away.
Vaccine refrigeration however, was actually the very first reason for starting to try to think of and develop the Solar Thermal cooling technology. There has been a lot of research.
There was a lot of discussion with the WHO and an organisation called Path.
As it happened Path did not have any means of testing Solar Thermal technology at the time and as such not much happened at that time.
The technology has been developed a lot since then.
We have been able to optimise the six test units in India and as such we now know that two cooling units can supply refrigeration for vaccines.
Two cooling units enable us to store enough coolth to keep vaccines cold. We have an automatic shut off valve that stops the temperature going below 4 degrees centigrade. So whilst a trial in region to chill vaccine particularly has not been done, we have the ability to ensure the critical bandwidth of temperature is maintained. Various volumes of vaccine can be safely stored. One factor for example is, can we maintain the integrity of the vaccines if there are a number of days without sunlight? Our tests show that once the units are at the operational optimum, then even without sunlight for 3 days we can maintain the safe temperature parameters as we can store the cooling.
As the coolers are modular they can be configured to cool the volume required, also if it is known that the region needs longer non sun day cooling it can be configured with additional units. Also a hub could have more, compared to a small facility. Cooling a range of size/volume of storage units.

It would be useful to discuss further by email to share documents and test results etc. if you like.