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Oscar commented on Lima 2035

Congratulations Team! I believe this vision is very comprehensive and systemic. I think that is the only way Lima’s challenges will be able to be addressed successfully. I like the fact that you have thought both at the very metropolitan scale and the residential scale.

My piece of feedback relies precisely on suggesting the incorporation of an INTERMEDIATE SCALE in your vision (the community and the neighborhood scale), incorporating a DIGITAL ANGLE into your vision and think about INCENTIVES that promote collective positive behaviors.

INTERMEDIATE SCALE: Bottom-up social organization is at the core of the origin of most of the informal settlements in Lima (invasions, vaso de leche, comedores populares, wawa-wasi, etc) and you can see it until today on how neighborhoods are organized to fight Lima’s insecurity and violence through the collocation of fences and private security guards.

I think hybrid community infrastructures would help to create cohesion and identity between a community and could help to store the water from the fog-catchers, could also serve as public space, community center and a community garden in which you place extra garden boxes.

DIGITAL ANGLE: In the incoming context of a post coronavirus crisis there is evidence from China and other countries that the community organization has become the unit of resilience and I think this is a great hint for your vision. They have organized around what is being called “Hyperlocal digital communities”. In which communities come together through digital channels to manage more efficiently collective purchases, food access, taking care of vulnerable people, etc. This behavior has confirmed the power that digital tools have in capitalizing on existing behaviors to manage more efficiently the community unit.

INCENTIVES: An idea regarding charging premium prices for water above the daily dose could be to think about what are the positive behaviors you want to promote through incentives. For example, people or municipalities could have tax reductions or bonuses for having endemic desert species in your gardens or public spaces.

Hope this helps!!

Oscar Malaspina