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Cool idea! Two thoughts to build off of the really solid base you've already established:
1. I wonder if there's a way that one could incite people to take action after they've learned more about energy use. I guess the petition idea covers this in part, but can you think of any specific action steps that people could take? I haven't developed this myself either, but I find sometimes that educational/informative events like this can leave people feeling guilty instead of helping them change their behavior, which is the intention. I'd love to hear more ideas on this!
2. Another thing that I think people could really learn about (besides the duck curve example) is the concept of virtual water. More information here: but basically it's the concept that it takes a lot of water to produce the meat and products that people consume everyday, and that we need to be aware of that in addition to our daily household consumption with the washer, shower, etc. I've found it's a concept that surprisingly few people know about, which is a shame, but could be an awesome theme for one of the pop-up events!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Hi Kevin! This idea looks really interesting, I'm just a little confused about exactly what you mean by credit. Would this be an online credit like bitcoin? Who would be in charge of administering it? Many thanks in advance!!