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Oliver Fabian commented on Creating Connection through Sharing Our Stories

Hey! I am totally agree with you. Past year I was teaching kids in that way. My goal is to teach them to discover theirself.
The educational system is based on the suppression of human being behavior. It is just to ensure the transmition of information from the teacher to kids. But it is not wroking at all. This is not the way how we keep information in our mind. Also what I discover is that current educational system forced us to placed the teacher because yes!. It is really bad, because what it does is force kids to create two personalities. What they really are and How they have to act at school. So in this case everithing they does at school is just an acting.
In short what I discovered is " if we want to improve as humanity" we need to start accepting our "defects" as human being from school. Not suppress them, real changes come from us but when we realize our behavior and we really want to change.. I think this is the reason why young people is suffering so much about being able to make changes in theirself. It is because they have been to for long time receiving an education where theirself where not on their hands. On the other hand, we use to say to kids.. hey you does not have to fight !.... but teacher get out, arrive home and start figthing and screaming his wife for example. Things like that are making human being incoherent. So what I think we have to do is to let kids being human being and as masters teach little by little how manage our behaviors. How can we change ourself and why we should. I love your idea!, My project´s name is YOUrSELF and is quite similar goals. I think we need to reshape the way of teaching as I explain on my files. I hope we can help each other, tell me what you think


Oliver Fabian commented on JIT learning

Hello Ted. I really like your idea but to make is succeed a new way of teaching for masters have to be designed. It has happen to me too when I try to learn something and I do not find the way is normal to feel stuck and bad emotions starts to killing you.
Well in my project there are not teachers, there should be masters. So what is a master ?
Just someone who has had the experence learning something.
What is the diference between master and teacher ?. Master had to learn the process of learning on something. So master is not going to give any answer, master is going to give the right force to make the person develope the instinct of learning.
What is the instinct of learning? For example, if I say " I want to make an orange juice" on my brain there should have to exist the logic process... things I need, the oranges, every activity I have to do it to make the juice.
Same happen when we are learning, we are trying to find the way to achieve something. But As I explain on my YOUrSELF.project, currently ways of teaching does not work because take the mind of a person and program the mind to acchieve something that we beleive is learning. But it is not.

Past year I was teaching kids. It was the time when I discover I had a diferent method to teach. I made kids learn so fast. Today I will start trying to put the way of teaching as I seen on paper. Them we can share, tell me what you think!:.. :D :D


Oliver Fabian commented on JIT learning

Thank you so much for tagging me Rachel. I would take a look on the Ted Selker Idea and pretty sure I will do my best giving ideas. I love to do that.