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Oliver Fabian commented on JIT learning

let´s start ted.
But i think to make the page successfull. We need to make the page do not take so much time from the person who knows. I mean.. for example. if right now I find someone who knows about ros he/she can give me some kind of advices (because what you say, we also learn and help because what other people says to you) So in this case i do not need 3 or 4 people to start learning ros. I just need someone with experience who talks to me 10 minutes and give me right and critical advices to show me the way. No more. Then other day I would be able to do another question...

I think this is the most importan factor to make this page sucess... The person "Who knows" can not being a kind of slave... he/she is just an advicer. People "who does not know" can qualify his/her perfil giving kind of thanks... and because those thanks.. Because anyone have all the time to be being a online teacher full time, even I do not have all the time to be compromise with others full time... I am trying to be comprimise myself. Tell me what you think ted. In my opinion it could be a really great project.. we do not need so much to taste th success. and then we can starting developing the online page deeply.

Denis, I was reading and understanding your idea deeply. I think it is really really great. Actually this kind of things are the most important but anyone teach us at school.

I have some similars ideas. I will put it on paper and share to you. At the end what we are doing is to design little techniques to evolutionate the counsciousnes. I think it has to be the main focus of education. I mean, everybody says to you... concentrate, but they do not teach you how, everybody say please organice, but they do not say how, also the mind is so crazy !... so we need to create this kind of methods to teach to manage our mind.

I am 27 years old and this kind of things has change my life just 3 months ago. Because the big problem is the coherence and to be identify with thinkings. Actually anyone teach us that we have to learn to create thinkings !!

All this kind of things is the most important and it is what I want to taste with YOUrSELF project. Where in a course of robotic for kids that never has studied mathematics, programming before, I would be the responsable to make then being programming after 7 months. Anyway I am loocking for a few investment to be able to do it.

I will write my ideas on paper and I would love to share it with you. thank you so much !


Oliver Fabian commented on JIT learning

Hello ted, I was thinking kind of steps we/you can do to taste your idea quickly.


The main idea of the social should be shorts and quickly questions-help. Or for example at least a short advicering. Rout of learning.

If we want to test the success of this idea, not start creating and desining anything. BECAUSE WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT IS NOT THE PAGE, IS WHAT THERE IS INSIDE.

So, critical necesary things:
//Comunication (it could be a short date by calling 10 minutes, no more! )
People can publish what they know.
People who is looking for help can send a request to this person//

Let´s make a prototype and test !

We need

- skype for video calling
- lets find 20 volunters. (what they know and what if they need ( you take the information).

LET START! I am the first volunteer.

My name is OLIVE. Right now I am trying to learn robotic. I want to learn ROS. But I am feeling kind of stuck with so much information... who can help me ? please. Kisses !

I have experience into desing and built an exoeskeleton.. Someone need my help?