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NYC OpenIDEO Chapter commented on UPDATED: 12/07/16 - Banking Buddy Money Penny [Chatbot]

Thanks Spencer Cappiello ! You're right! Kate Rushton I'm indeed back to myself... but just saw your comment on the NYC OpenIDEO account. Thanks for asking!


NYC OpenIDEO Chapter commented on UPDATED: 12/07/16 - Banking Buddy Money Penny [Chatbot]

Thanks Jaskeerat Bedi In fact I've shared that article with Spencer and his team! :-) Spencer Cappiello Adhish Patel Mattie Brice @Jasmine chabra @shuang liang you can add your team members to the idea so that they receive the comments.  Kate Rushton has a lot of great questions - some about type of interactions and some about content. I believe you should focus first on content. You might want to go back to your research insights and personas and create an experience journey that will allow you to start listing assumptions about what you think users would be interested in. You can then start prototyping by providing specific types of content and getting feedback on these. al (from NYC OpenIDEO chapter account as my personal account is blocked :-( )


NYC OpenIDEO Chapter commented on A Bank Card that Rewards you for Saving

Hi Lillian J Warner Tanvi, Hasan and Aurora, this is a great idea with a lot of potential. Yet, as noted by Kate Rushton there is a lot and you might want to decide what is the focus...   One way to integrate the main focus (I believe it's triggering people to save) with data visualization you can explore how data visualization can encourage / trigger certain behaviors. See for example 
As I was looking for another example I found this interesting paper
I also recommend you look at all the suggestions Kate provided as they can provide you with useful inspiration. If you were to go back to the insights of your research you might be able also to decide what are the core components (based also on the main needs / pain points you uncover during your research). If you have developed personas, you could create experience journey for them to highlight where are the most salient needs. Rapid prototyping is also a great way to test your idea and find out in which direction you want to go.