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Natalia commented on I love OsteoStrong!

Hi Susanna Schick Can you be sure to have OsteoStrong submit their concept? We haven't seen it yet on the platform and can't evaluate it if it doesn't come from them.



Natalia commented on Prevention is the cure that's never too late.

Hi om G !

Welcome to the Challenge and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I love how you're pulling in your expertise in skateboarding and applying it to a totally new space so creatively. I wonder if there are visuals you can share to inspire others?

Preventing fractures and falls is certainly a key part of this issue, but there's a big opportunity in helping folks connect their fractures back to the root cause (weak bones due to osteoporosis). Many people could avoid fractures if they knew they had osteoporosis. I wonder how pads and protective gear could be connected back to osteoporosis. When might someone decide to start using these pads? Would they already know they had osteoporosis at that point? Who suggests the pads to them? How might the pads inspire folks to investigate the cause of their fracture or seek treatment?

So many exciting paths to explore here - hope to see you in the Research Phases starting next week!



Natalia commented on Most critical root cause of bone fracture

Hi Ivy,

We are loving these experience maps based on real folks you've made - and it sounds like the community is finding them valuable too.

I especially found your observations under "Seeing" fascinating about the isolation of the older adult.

Also very interesting to think about some of those other reasons for fractures your friend described, and how the identification of osteoporosis could be tied into those fields/moments/spaces.

Looking forward to hearing what others think!