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Nino commented on Focusing OpenIDEO programs into a single effort.

I actually agree with this. Instead of having to start from the beginning each time a new question is asked, we can somehow have a database where we can call forth past ideas in order to build on top of them. Humans as a species as well as science work on this principle. It would also give us a broader range of what is already out there and spark new ideas. Although, I'm new to this and perhaps this is the point--to actually do research on the matter. For example, I found two articles online which inspired me and gave me insights to my future ideas.

As an example:

I found this on the OpenSource Ideo FB page. I believe that this could inspire others to create proposals to fit a more high density population and in a way already tackling two questions - flexibility and resilience + renewable water source.

Doing another round of browsing the internet I found this:

An unrelated topic to the topic at hand yet could be evolved to combat the problem given.

I believe that in order to tackle a problem we must have as much information and gathered intelligence on the subject matter so we can broaden our understanding and come up with solutions that is geared to solving the core of the problem at hand.