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Nora commented on RECOVER

Is that possible to make a EVA foam sofa? It can be part of the outdoor furniture. That would be very interesting. The business model above is good, for these need research part, you can do a online survey, better ask different age groups to present what they think.


Nora commented on NIKE SHELL

It is really a good idea!
For the point 2 that user can post it back might not convenient for the users. I have a ideas; set a recycle or return box in the Nike store, when people shopping around they can directly drop the case. That would be more easier for customer.

I also think the fresh food is very important when you order online. I used to order the gym food for a whole week, the first two days it still taste good, however, after it stay in the refrigerator more than 4 days, the food does not taste good enough. And sometimes I can not finish all of them before the expires date.
It is good that this app see itself as a part of the supply chain. But it seems not consider the food transportation. That also waste a lot of food on the road. And the type of foods. You need to find different supplier to support your supply chain and make sure each part will on their right way once this running.