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That's great Ellen Oh  & Yilin Liu !

Hi Yilin Liu ,

I completely agree and think that we need to put some instructions on how to increase shelf life (e.g. storage conditions)on the label without making it too text heavy. This is something that was discussed early on as well. Tojin Eapen  what do you think?



Hi Tojin Eapen  & Mohammed Asfour ,

These are interesting ideas! A few questions - when you say humanity products to animal products, what do you mean? Using human food for animal feed? Or something else? Tojin, being able to swap your food close to expiry to other types of food is a good idea. What if the reason you can't consume your food is because you are going on vacation or moving?  Perhaps we should include a donation component in addition to some incentive for making the trip to donate? It could be points they can redeem for next time or something? Also, how do you address the issue of equity- donating 10 cans of equity may be less valuable than 1 pound of beef? What are the bartering exchange rates? Also, what do you do with food that is left "un-bartered" in the end? I think this is a very interesting idea- but those are just some thoughts to think through.

I'm not sure where we ended up with the expiry date ideas. From the informative conversation with Yannik Walther  & Ezgi Sengun , it seems like in practice, we have only seen 1 instructive label being used.  Is that correct?  So our options include 1) We can go this route, and propose eliminating the misleading "best buy" for "use by."  I wouldn't recommend having a "donate by"here because it may confuse people about why we would want it donated by a date, and may confuse the receiver of donations on the quality of the product. 2) We can use 2 clear labels like "peak  taste by " and "must use by". For both ideas, we can also add educational short messages (through symbols or something) that indicates, you can freeze this, or keep it in a certain way and increase shelf life. Do you guys have more options we should include?

I do, however, wonder if there was a good way to encourage donations through this.

What do you guys think?