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Nikhil commented on "Moody's" for Micros

Hi Patricio,

Thanks for the great question.

The solution does not depend on the internet penetration in the area, but requires MFIs to have internet access. The idea is to reduce the operational costs that MFIs incur in extending micro loans. These operational costs are up to 60% of the total costs and are reflected in the interest rates charged. By providing MFIs this solution, costs can be reduced significantly and hence loans can be made available. The communication with the end user (like small-holder farmers) would be done over mobile phone, and does not require internet connection.

Example: Small Holder Farmers in Indonesia connected through Mercy Corp's Agri-Fin program
Mainly two type of support is provided to the farmers: i) Financial ii)Operational. Financial is by providing credit, and operational is by providing agri-information. The proposed solution will reduce borrowing cost by 60%. Moreover, it will reduce time and complexity of the process. It will also improve the agri-information by improving accuracy and rimming. Studies have shown a 40% improvement over existing solutions.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Nikhil commented on "Moody's" for Micros

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the note. I would love to explain the idea, but was confused in which part of the page i should do that. I have a very specific community/region in mind and a lot of research for that. I know a little bit about personas and would like to explain my idea using some personas. So, please let me know in what section should I add these descriptions.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Juan,

I like you idea and in fact I have started a similar initiative in my school. It looks great on paper, but there are challenges in practical implementation. to explain these issues I would start with defining stakeholders. There are 3 stakeholders in this process. First, are the students, Second are organizations and Third is your platform.

Now, to list a few issues with each stakeholder, I'll start with first one. Some times any experience is not sufficient to provide right incentive to the students. They might have concerns like, how big is the company, what industry is it in, what kind of work am I doing, what impact will my work bring? In one word, the issue is bringing "quality work".

Moving to second stakeholder, the companies. Why should company agree to participate in the program. They would have concerns over cost, time and quality. If you charge them low, students might not want to participate without money. Students might not have relevant experience, that would make it difficult to deliver quality and maintain time commitment. To conclude, issue is in "delivering quality work within time"

Lastly, you as a platform will face various issues. Major is maintaining quality so that more companies are willing to participate. The major challenge is to keep all stakeholders engaged, by adding value for both.

I think it is similar to what Ideo is doing with OpenIdeo platform. Your value addition would be through a more physical presence. I know this post might sound discouraging, but idea is not that. The idea is to bring some practical issues in picture, so that you can think upon those to refine your idea.