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Nicolas commented on

Hi Dexter, Hi Edmund,

Thanks for your comments and your interest in our project.
First of all, let me clarifiy the current situation. We started the project recently and since we're working on codedoor during our free time, we weren't able to achieve as much as we would have liked.
Here what we have so far:
We built an experimental program in Giessen (Germany) which is an important center for refugees in Germany. We were able to collect devices from donors, we collaborated with local authorities to get a classroom and 3 volunteers will help us tutor the students. We hope to begin the program in the coming weeks.
We also started building a list of topics we think (as we are software developers ourselves) are needed to be an efficient and complete developer. That curriculum is the backbone of the program, the students needs to validate all the topics to finish the program.
This list contains mainly external content (codecademy, udacity, etc...), since we don't have the capacity and the time to build our own online courses. The program also require the student to build their own projects (with the support of the tutors).
The next step will be to build an open-source online exchange plaform to help the students communicate together, with the tutors and with some experts in the different topics.
Finally, our ultimate goal would be to create an entire elearning platform with our own online courses, that we will, of course, provide to anybody.
We would love to collaborate with you but we are still in the progress of developing. If you want we could talk about developing in collaboration. We are always happy to see developers joining us.
We are using github to host all our open-source projects ( Please have a look and get back to us if you want to discuss more in details.

Best regards,
Nicolas & Karan