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Nicholas commented on Media technology and prevention of type 2 diabetes

This is a great post. I didn't know that the rate of diabetes in the Hispanic community was so high (30% is pretty surprising). It seems like there are the practical issues associated with transmitting key information about diabetes 1) General lack of awareness (you don't know something unless you've been told it...) 2) Difficulty communicating information effectively because of language differences, etc.

But there's also the component of making the information stick (the form in which it is presented is important). And, the part of your post that struck me as really insightful was the idea that even awareness isn't sufficient to change behavior. Some sort of narrative or other way of conceptually linking medical facts about diabetes to one's own life needs to be present. People are bombarded with all sorts of information via media sources, so it's not just a question of presenting key medical knowledge but also of getting viewers to notice it in a way that makes sense to them and can be integrated into their daily living practices.