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Hi Giok P Chua,
I read your vision and plan to make Malaysia as Netherlands. I can see its already a Queen of Asia due to its beauty and behaviors. You are right. You must come up with lot of food production to reduce import. I can see lot of opportunity for collaboration on food production areas. This is a tropical country, and food production can run whole year. You have mentioned rain fed agriculture only. Is there any problems for harvesting ground water? if so, I know, a nice solution to store rain water in natural aquifers and can use for agriculture round the year. I love to share more in coming days. I am fully confident to run a commercial agriculture in your country for sure. Lets jump.
All best wishes
Kind regards
Innovator and Founder Director
Pumpkin Plus

Itika Gupta Dear Itika Gupta,
Thank you so much for your kind help in guiding my submission for putting the right visions. I have tried my best to put visions beyond 2050 in my submission. Yet there are more dreams for me to see and its multiplying in each nights, when I think and play with my own thoughts with dreams in silent.
The innovation can offer a series of solutions now and in future.
As I can see and have analysed, without the solution to boost up food production, the country might face a big challenge with its growing population and loosing arable lands @1% per year. By 2050, the expected loss of land at least 35% and population will grow over 200m. There is a chance of famine for sure, without the alternative solution like this. The innovation, will offer the chance to bring over 5000 Sq.Km riverbeds (2709 Sq. Km has already identified through satellite based study in NW part of the nation. Still over 70% river basins yet to explore. These barren new natural resource can offer the country to transform the areas of 1. Food production and supply 2. Engage thousands of poor families in productive role 3. Combat food insecurity and hunger 4. Develop knowledge for others 5. Create huge employment for rural youth and women 6. Diversify agriculture sector as agribusiness through enterprise development. My vision is to attract unemployed educated youth to develop enterprises and take the agriculture sector as lead jointly with farmers to turn the country as the KITCHEN of the WORLD with supply of foods in coming decades. My final dream is to leave a better food secured world for our new generation to come, where the word HUNGER will be replaced by HOPE and HANDFUL of FOOD for all. It may sounds like dream, but I am confident and I can see, it is possible with just little care by the policymakers and development actors with timely planning and very small investment.
Pls do pray for me to proceed with the journey to reach millions around the world.
Best regards

Giok P Chua Thank you so much for your kind comments. Its lovely for me to see that, someone is really caring the innovation. Which is ultimately helping me to reach millions with pace. I would appreciate, if you help me to connect with few promising entrepreneurs and importers to establish networks with them for collaboration of my network for more diversification of my company. Also trade safe food in the regions. I am shortly viewing TRIPLE@.....Thank you for the link. I do appreciate your kind attention and encouragement. Pls do pray for me to serve for the people and the planet.
Very kind regards.