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rinelle commented on Engage University Students in Community Projects

that would be really amazing if it were to happen. one issue i do know that educators face often with these type of "new curriculums" is how they will have to assess it and justify it as part of the learning experience.
 we are still far from seeing such a large application but this project definitely opens up the opportunity to explore what is being done already and defining what the next steps need to be in order to get this going.



rinelle commented on Engage University Students in Community Projects

hi al,
the start up tool box idea is quite an interesting concept. if something like that could be developed it would definitely be of interests to other universities and even high school programs.

in my head it reminded me of how the TEDx program works in that they provide the format and you can take it and run with it within your own community. i speak often to educators in universities and the trend towards providing curriculums that have not just internship periods built into the degree programs and looking into how to provide more practical experience and application is increasing. Especially now that internships are not as plentiful as before.

i think something that also bears consideration is looking into creating a "tool box" that promotes the cross-participation of different degrees and backgrounds of study. being able to expose and teach students in their formative years about working with and communicating with other programs will be key to them working together in the future.


rinelle commented on ZipSpaces

the nugget i like the most of this particular idea is that after all security checks are done on the potential users and the spaces are brought up to rentable conditions - is the ease and accessibility of getting your own zip space to use. whether it is short term or long term - this is a great platform for new ventures and events to use.

looking at it from a growth into global proportions and having one site that allows users to see what's available wherever they are going is simple and quite elegant.

the website could also look into providing a list of suppliers for new users. for example - if an artist is renting a space for a short show but needs materials to set up the space - ZIP could have a list for that particular city of recommended local business and suppliers who can be approached by the users. this serves two purposes - to provide an immediate network of resources for the users and for ZIP to promote local businesses in the area who will appreciate new customers.