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Neetika commented on Contemporary confidence = I could do that + show me where

Hi Povilas,
Great points.

I am not sure if I want to bring in step 3. Why compete when you can explore and build upon? Plus each perspective will be creative in its own way...

I will want to add another step.. 'Acknowledge and Appreciate'. This is a side note for parents/educators. Each appreciation adds to the creative confidence. :)


Neetika commented on Creative Sessions

A few years ago, we did a similar group activity when as a team of 10, we chose to learn french together. A day in the week was declared as french day and we got an in-house translator for that day every week. We made quite good progress in 2 months.

We all felt the reinforcing our motivations was easier and dropping out difficult as we were doing this in a group. Also the learnings were faster. Though, I have left most of my french behind, I remember the fun it brought to work and we became a better and more connected team... open to criticism/feedback other than 'french'.

I personally feel there is nothing like finding like-minded people at office as we spend such a great part of our day there.

Great post! Great inspiration! am thinking of floating this idea in my office/team.

Hi Rebecca,
Your post definitely brought inspiration to me.

It is so easy for us to miss out the small creative outbursts we have during the regular course of our day. Specially with our kids.

Reading your post, I did a small experiment recording at the end of the day the creative tasks I undertake with my son to put him to sleep, to get him to finish his meal, to help him learn his alphabet and so on. And I was pleasantly surprised that I was still a creative person, just not doing creative stuff that conforms to my 'able to show off to the world creativity'.

Celebrating these small creative moments have brought me some peace over the last 2 weeks and I am not beating myself over not being able to spend time with my 'creative' interests.


An interesting cross-thought: Once we establish we belong to the 'creative' lot, we put undue pressure on ourselves sometimes so that we still belong and miss out on the fun of it.