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Dear Matthew Wilson glad to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. We observe that because of COVID19 more families are learning how to cook traditional -nutrient-rich- dishes, including myself. In modern times we tend to have speedy lives, we do a lot of stuff and have less time for contemplation or for sharing a delicious meal which is heart-warming. My high school friends shared that they didn't cook anymore and now they are learning. So I'm hoping that we take this experience to reflect upon this. About knowledge creation, there are two things that I can share. First, talking about formal education we plan to use a mechanism that all the universities have in Ecuador that is called: link with the community and that has proved to be strong to respond to community needs. The second thing is to work on informal education, something that we call popular education and that helps people learn by doing and that's when we connect with lifelong learning. I recommend taking a look at the work developed by Paulo Freire.

Let me know how you see it.

Kind regards,

Dear Elizabeth, it's been great to read your proposal today!
I've looked at the Nuvu and it's very encouraging to see students developing amazing solutions.
About your proposal I really like it. I'm only wondering if you will talk about agroecology or organic farming in this next phase, probably it's implied but it might strengthen the technology component. I leave some articles for reference and I also invite you to take a look at our proposal. Your comments are welcome:

Articles about agroecology:

Dear Karina, I believe your proposal is quite inspiring. I think you present this graphically in a very neat way. Some strong elements in the proposal are the citizen participation focus and the agency power communities may have. Also, I think that you can discuss a little more about how an organized citizen's platform can start doing data management as you mention. For this, I recommend visiting it could be a way to strengthen the tech element.
I haven't had the chance to visit Galapagos yet but I would like to know if it would be possible to encourage urban agriculture. You can check out the Agrupar Model in Quito that has been quite successfull and has demonstrated to increase resilience for all inhabitants.

Finally, I know a friend who studied the wet traditional markets in Galapagos. Maybe you would like to mention that in your proposal and the role they play. If you like I can try to get the study, just let me know.

Oh and by the way I really like you mention the U theory to work with people.

All the best for you and your team too.

Keep in touch.