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Nancy commented on "Casual Friday" Gets Active

Ashley this is a great idea! The best thing about this is that for those that don't participate in the yoga classes / physical activities, the yoga clothes provide a great reminder to everyone that it's important to stay active. I can imagine myself thinking "Oh yeah, I guess I should start exercising again." And, since the clothing is comfortable and less of a hassle, I'm sure many people will take advantage of it just from an ease of access level. I'm sure it will perform much better than what some teams do, "Formal Fridays".

One challenge to consider is employer liability. The reasons why many companies don't provide in house work out programs or gyms is because there's a potential for someone to get injured. The walking meetings are a good substitute.

Perhaps you can tack on building awareness, like an email sent out every Friday with a "Little Known Fact".

Great job.

Thanks Vincent. I really appreciate it. On another note, while evaluating this concept myself, I realized that one of the flaws is attach rate once a person gets to the website. One idea I have floating around is that we can continue the puzzle on the first splash screen on the website. The user can be quizzed. After answer a couple questions they can see how they did and learn and perhaps even see they had some misconceptions about the process. This helps people learn even before know what the website is about. Maybe only after they finish the quiz and see their results do we show them the register button. :) Seems like that will work!


Nancy commented on GOOGLIZE IT

I really like the logo. This seems like the quickest way to build awareness around the issue due to the sheer # of people that go to Google. Great! Not sure how to tie this w/ something else so that we get a high attach rate / click through rate...maybe Bing might work instead. Bing Homepage has little interesting messages attached to the photo that encourages people to perform more searches.