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Naiomi commented on Makerspaces for Children in Refugee Camps

Likewise, interested in learning others thoughts about this idea. There seems to be a lot of momentum lately in the Humanitarian space for enabling localized innovation. Offering valued skills training and access to markets is a proven approach to livelihood development.

Hi Justin,
Impressed with the conversation happening here. I'd like to take the comment about an online version a step further. My perspective is influenced by 1) business background (i.e. sustainability)  and 2) recently supporting a family member through end of life stages.   

1. Market size or impact potential. Understanding that you're building a guide for your geographical location, there also may be value for other geographies - but perhaps through a template version of what you're creating. i.e. your 'product' can be replicated with ease by others. This gives potential for scale, sustainable revenue, and/or larger impact. The template version could be digital and perhaps more a form version that others could purchase, download (or upload content) and populate as you're doing. 

2. Bringing it online. I get that a paper version can be preferred (how much time do we really need to spend on computers/smartphones!?) and more friendly and comfortable to use with the elderly.  Yet, if you haven't already considered this, an "online support" version or tool may increase value and stakeholder engagement (involving caregivers, medical team, contracted service providers, for example) - in addition to the paper version.   Allow me to reference my experience. When my mom was "dying" over a period of years, her support team grew and the decisions needing to be made grew. And my mom (and my dad) actually did a lot of coordination on her ipad and phone. Emails, calls and notifications from and to care providers, as well as all the logistics stuff for end of life.  Your end of life roadmap made me wonder if the current process (my mom and us coordinating with many) could be reversed (many service providers coordinating through an online 'roadmap' with her). i.e. instead of static and heavy client effort, the online support option makes it interactive and less burdensome on the client. How might all these providers (and their e-systems link with the online roadmap) to stay coordinated and give the "client" a big picture look at what is to being done/to be done according to the roadmap she's plotted out? This may be too far reaching for what you've set out to do; however I hope it stimulates additional thought and refinement. 

Congrats Cristhian on being a finalist!!