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Mudita commented on An adaptive learning space.

Hi Gabrielle Grist 
Thanks for sharing this idea – love the community component balanced with progress self-tracking piece. I was thinking about some aspects of this while working on my idea. Didn't get nearly as far as the shape you've given to a student's learning journey with your idea.
Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
All the best!


Mudita commented on Self-Directed Learning + Self-Discovery Platform

Hi David Enders 
Thanks for taking the time to read my submission and for the feedback.
I really appreciate the link you shared – I recently had a chat with someone at K-12 Lab as I was seeking this information. As someone who supports high school students during their university discovery journey and with faculty members who teach them, I wanted to put together a bit of an information supply chain. Reason: 1. Incoming students feel prepared and support 2. Profs understand their "new" incoming class 3. Use these constraints as opportunities A few thoughts after reading your 'Insights from Student Interviews' page:–– I would like to dig deeper to ensure that they're missing motivation and not some prescribed structure, that it is truly is about purpose and not just grades. Is simply meeting teachers and peers motivating? Or are they truly motivated to learn more and do better in person?
–– Purpose should always be present!
–– I would like to test if flexibility helps resolve some of the distraction issues.
–– We've never rewarded failure (by design), so I can see how boosting GPA is preferred.
–– The EDI groups stand to suffer the most if we are not mindful in our remote learning design.
–– Lack of interaction was the reason I included 'Community of Learners' times in my sample schedule.
–– Teachers are instrumental in development, learning and mentorship. How do we support them?
As you can tell, I have a lot of questions, some concerns perhaps, and mostly a positive feeling about the opportunities.

Let me know how I can help, with this or any other project your team moves forward with in this learning challenge.


Mudita commented on Self-Directed Learning + Self-Discovery Platform

Hi Andrea Stadler 
Thanks for reading through my submission.
Reading through your idea, I felt motivated that we need a bigger change at some level. One of the central pieces to your idea is project-based approach to learning. As students progressed (to the next grade level, or to college, or job), it would be great if we were willing to look at their portfolios rather than their transcripts. I know some schools are taking a mixed approach (grades and portfolio) but it is time for that to be the standard. One other change that would go well with this if teachers were not "graded" based on their students' averages.