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Hi Sarah and Luke,

What a cool project! Its great to hear that you have figured out a way to catch the methane released from agricultural uses. Being based in CA, you probably already know that there's been a lot of focus on methane's contribution to climate change (from oil extraction sites, from agriculture, etc.). There are a lot of people (legislators, environmental advocates, local activists) who are really concerned with this co-pollutant as a contributor to global warming. A technology that could capture methane and use it towards a sustainable agricultural practices would be very welcome by sustainable agriculture in the Central Valley and in other places in CA. Do you have any estimates on how much methane could potentially be captured if this project was scaled? I would recommend elevating this aspect of your project. It could be used to built partnerships with environmental advocates who are working on methane issues in CA.

Good luck!

Hi Jeffrey, your proposed project is really coming together! Your updates, coupled with the exchanges below in the comment section, are really adding some substantive refinement to the overall concept. One question I have is around partnerships. Some commenters have mentioned trying to reach out to local progressive utility companies to pilot the project. What about engaging a local government in this project also? I feel like cities across the country are increasingly making data accessible to its residents in order to catalyze innovative solutions to local problems (for example: energy use). I recently saw a pretty interesting presentation by an organization called Code for America (, which builds open source technology and organizes networks of people in order to make government services simple and easy to use. The online tools they create are pretty innovative and interactive. Perhaps you could draw inspiration from some of their case studies. Looking forward to seeing this project evolve!


Monika commented on Create a New Currency ~Green Notes~

Hi Joseph, very interesting idea! I really like the notion of providing individuals and communities with positive reinforcement and incentives to choose renewable energy in the form of 'Green' cash. In your description, you write: "Give large sums of convertible Green Notes to local communities if their local government consensus leads to a socially impactful renewable energy decision". I can see where the motivation for communities to advocate for socially/environmentally impactful projects would come from, but what about the motivations for the local governments? Also, what about local governments that lack the resources and capacity to advocate for renewables and environmentally conscious projects? Would there be additional advocacy and/or education efforts to push local governments in this direction? Would love to hear more! Good luck, Monika