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Hi Lauren

In regard to the prototyping, I'm planning to first create a scaled down version of a Floating Module and see how it behaves in water.
I will use recycled grind EVA from sole suppliers, I hope I can get may hands on it, however I'm worried quantity can be an issue.

Do you think Nike can provide some original Nike Grind material so I can proceed to make a more reliable prototype?

Thanks for your help and have a good weekend.



Hi Lauren

Thanks for your message.

The cities of today needs to offer flexible spaces in order to best accomodate the modern lifestyle of the new millennium citizen.
Home, office, shop, car... these are not fixed spaces anymore: they morph continuously.
Home swapping, smart working, , online shopping, car sharing... the definition of personal space is changing and consequently communal space too.

The Floating Modular Platform can be assembled according to different specific uses.
They adapt with the space and transform it.

They can become a pop-up swimming platform by the city harbour.

In Copenhagen we love to swim in summer.
The city council is so proud of the pristine water quality it's been building docks and beaches everywhere. The problem is: summer lasts just an handful of days up here. So the docks and the beaches are frost ghost towns during most of the year.
Easy to assemble pop-up platforms could be an interesting way to maximise the people access to the water during the warm months.
Floating plastic waste, an image of human failure and worldwide red alarm, becomes the fulcrum of long summer afternoons. Fun is a great way to learn.
Or temporary summer kayak docks by a mountain lake.

In the north of Italy, where I'm from, we experience the mountains in many different ways, depending by the season. On the same slopes we ski in winter and sunbathe in summer.
Floating platforms can be used as docks for kayak stations by the lakes when the temperature is pleasing and the sun is out and people immerse in quintessential natural beauty.
No better time to highlight the opposite: plastic pollution.
The contrast is stark and spark the conversation.

Or floating art exhibition on the effects of plastic waste.

It's an intriguing idea, an oxymoron: a photography exhibition about plastic waste floating on the oceans showcased on a man-made floating garbage platform.
As to say: we can domesticate it. Find ways to re-use it. We can reverse the process and clean up the mess.

And then what about:
- pop-up cinema screening documentaries about the beauty of nature, sustainable economy, recycling, healthy lifestyle...
- gym, bootcamp, crossfit on the water
- kids playground

Nike can sponsor these events, or not. It is not strictly necessary.
It can provide the Nike Grind material as a third party supplier or get involved directly.
The production of the floating modules can happen everywhere.
No moulding process is required so there is no need of big and expensive moulding machines. It's more a packaging process, where the waterproof capsules are filled with Nike Grind materials and sealed.

Thanks for your support Lauren, I'm looking forward to hear your comments.
Have a good day.