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We need to! However we should not support any kind of obortion as it does not reflect the true identity of reproductive health rights. No one has the right to kill! America is strong because of the fundamental values that every citizen believe in. Copy but remain who we are and keep our true identity. During the youthconnekt summit in Rwanda, the minister of internal affaire talked about her keeping her identity while in America where she could be easily identified as an African and especifically people could easily identify her as A Rwandan lady. She was there for over 40yrs. We Africans have our values that we seem ignore, they are being used against us to destroy our identitie Because we don't believe in them at all


Lukendo commented on LETS TALK-Update

It's great idea and looks to be a solution towards the challenges faced by the slums communities. I believe that the implementation of this idea will bring great change in our society. Thanks James


Lukendo commented on OneYouth OneHeart

Ceramic Bio-sand Water filter is one of the ideas that came while brainstorming, a natural simple way of purifying water. One of the cheapest methods that filters and cools down water due to its container's built material. The simple technology will help desperate and vulnerable people, middle and higher class people to get access to safe and clean water to drink. This technology shall reduce the number of waterborne diseases children in slum areas and in the country at large.